Presently we offer two classes, Capoeira and Integrated African Fighting Arts, which are described below.

Our style of Capoeira is Capoeira Angola de Sao Bento Grande, a style of the art hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While there are numerous reasons to learn Capoeira, I offer four basic reasons below:

  1. Learn how to defend yourself from attack
  2. Gain greater control over your body and your health
  3. Learn how to play musical instruments and sooth your mind
  4. Join an international cohort of Black people dedicated to the liberation of Africans worldwide

Capoeira class times
Wednesday, 6:00 PM-7:00 PM CST
Friday, 6:30 PM-7:30 PM CST

For information about our Capoeira classes, visit:

Integrated African Fighting Arts
This class focuses on 52 Blocks while incorporating some select principles from Capoeira. This class also draws upon several African/Diasporan stick-fighting and blade-fighting arts.

Integrated African Fighting Arts class times
Thursday, 5:30 PM-6:30 PM CST (ages 5-15)

Due to the current pandemic, all classes are virtual via Zoom.

Unlimited classes per week: $130 a month
Two classes per week: $100 a month
One class per week: $60 a month
Drop-in class: $20
First class: Free!

Private lessons are available virtually via Zoom for the following arts: Capoeira, Choy Lay Fut, 52 Blocks, and stick-fighting. Scheduling will have to be determined. Contact Kamau Rashid at or at 773-609-4699.

We also offer seminars. Contact us for more details.

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