Kamau Rashid has taught martial arts for the last fourteen years, and studied martial arts for the last twenty. His training has included Wing Chun Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, Capoeira, mixed-martial arts, and more. He is the director of the Chicago African Martial Arts Institute, an event that sought to promote African and African diasporic martial traditions. He is also the head instructor of Harakati za Waasi Martial Arts, where he teaches Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu and the composite combat system Sebayet Nekhet. He is also a contributor to a small, but dedicated community of Capoeira Angola practitioners on Chicago’s South Side.

Kamau’s approach to teaching emphasizes simplicity and practicality. He seeks to insure that students are able to internalize what they learn and apply this knowledge in a range of contexts. He also seeks to inculcate an awareness of the ways in which martial arts can be transformative, both socially and personally. To this end, he endeavors to demonstrate the importance of traditional martial arts for building and transforming community.

Kamau holds a Black sash in Choy Lay Fut from Kung Fu for Holistic Health, under Sifu Santanu Rahman.